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Visualization of property is very crucial for sales in the real estate industry. Through visualization, potential buyers can understand the structure of a property and whether it is suitable and accommodating property. There are many different types of floor plans across the market, but only a few are considered major types of floor plans which are generally utilized in construction and marketing simultaneously.

Floor plans act as a medium to render an explanation of the property’s structure, size, and dimension enabling potential buyers to visualize the accommodation of a property. They are in high demand as they are beneficial for home seekers, real estate marketers, and real estate businesses in many different manners.

What is a Floor Plan?

Floor plans are technical drawings to scale, illustrating a bird-eye view of rooms, spaces, and other physical features at one level of a structure. They render the ability to visualize how individuals will move through the space in a property. They make it easier to inspect the space and decide whether it is suitable for their purpose.

Types of Floor Plans

With innovation and technological advancement, many new types of floor plans are available in the market. But the majority of the floor plans used in the present market of the following:

1.    2D floor plan

2.    3D floor plan

3.    Matterport floor plan

What is a 2D Floor Plan?

This type of floor plan is designed to represent the layout of a space or property. This floor plan depicts the size, wall thickness, and dimension of the floor and its rooms. These plans are further utilized in real estate marketing, renovations, home appraisals, etc.

Importance of 2D floor plans

2D floor plans are extensively used by small and big real estate businesses while planning, construction, and marketing. But what makes them so important in the market? We have discussed below a few major elaborations:

Less Time Consuming

Since 2D floor plans are only schematic drawings of a floor in a premise depicting structures and furniture with symbols making it less-time consuming for developing a floor plan.

More Affordable

The cost of a 2D plan with the furnishing depends on the turnaround time of a Drafter much as it happens with 3D Artists. However, a floor plan 3D rendering needs more time and sometimes the work of a few CGI Specialists. Meanwhile, a 2D floor plan usually requires 1 Drafter only.

Render the Strict Necessary

They present the complete planning and a layout to work on it clearly and accurately. This way, laconic drawings allow clients to concentrate on the essentials and don’t distract them with additional details.

What is a 3D Floor Plan?

It is an image that depicts the structure and layout of real estate in 3D. They are generally developed in color and shown from a birds-eye view or top view.

Importance of 3D Floor Plan

The 3D floor plan has been crucial and employed by many people to get a better idea about the property. Below we have discussed some of the major benefits of 3D floor plans:

High Visual Impact

3D floor plans are more demanded in the market as they provide more precise information about the property structure. They render more appealing visuals compared to a 2D Floor plan. A 3D floor plan precisely visualizes the color, elements, and design of a property. Instead of using symbols, 3D models or individuals of furniture and accessories such as wardrobes, benches, and tables are visualized.

Accurate and Affordable

The 3D Floor plan is the best option to render the right visualization of the property. They are accurate and aid in highlighting faults before the commencement of construction of real estate to reduce future obstacles and risks. With a 3D floor plan, it is easy to create or alter a design, this saves a lot of time, space, money, and energy. Architects can easily detect flaws and risks which aids in saving money on materials early in the design and construction process.

Enhances Marketing Measures

Images are an essential requirement for marketing but a 3D floor plan adds more importance to the listed property as home seekers will tend to look for more details about the property and will easily visualize the accommodation of the displayed property.

What is Matterport Floor Plan

It refers to a 3D system that can create a realistic, fully immersive digital twin of any space. Creating a digital twin of a space using a matter port consists of both hardware and software proprietary solutions. Matterport floor plan is a 3D tour from the top view of space accessible online as a virtual 360-degree walk-through of the space.

Importance of Matterport Floor Plan

Here are some of the most important benefits elaborated on how a real estate business can succeed by employing a Matterport floor plan in the real estate marketing strategy.

Boost Engagement

A 3D virtual tour with high-quality can generates around three times more engagement compared to 2D floor photos. In a highly competitive industry, adding a 3D tour will aid in boosting the engagement rate of target audiences.

Time-Efficient and Maximize Leads

Matterport aid in building a realistic tour of a property, this tour can be utilized for online promotion. Real estate marketers can attract more leads with a 3D tour of a property.

Reusable Tours

The 3D tours developed with Matterport can be utilized for many years. Therefore, real estate marketers can introduce a property in its best condition to potential buyers check. With this, they can promote and sell a property quickly and more effectively.


From the above discussion, we understood in detail the types of floor plans. This article explores the importance of types of floor plans along with elaboration. We can understand from the above discussion, these floor plans are very crucial in the market for not only businesses but also for potential buyers.


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