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Planet Snaps was found in the year 2015, venturing into Image and Video Editing in the outsourcing industry with the simple purpose of solving problems for photographers and professionals who are in need of our services. We held on to the benefits we provide to our clients and made their life easier to scale their business.

We are a Bangalore-based company, serving clients like you across the globe; especially in the US, Netherlands, and Australia. Bangalore is located in the state of Karnataka, India; the most popular city when it comes to outsourcing.

The experience of our core team involves consulting medium-scale businesses in the areas of operations and customer retention. The team realized a few key issues which the clients often face globally. Having the right expertise and the desire to solve problems the clients face in the world of photography inspired us to establish Planet Snaps.

In the year 2015, when Planet Snaps was started, we were a team of 10 dedicated professionals. We have been through several days and nights of toil, not only keeping up to the expectations of our clients but also exceeding them regularly. We always took the path of hard work and dedication, which has led us to a stage where we have served more than 50+ clients so far and established an ongoing business relationship with 60% of our clientele since 2015.

As a determined organization Planets Snaps is goal-oriented and looking forward to grow further and expand in order to reach out and to more clients. We would like to serve as many new customers as possible, so that they experience the smooth service of Planet Snaps.

We work on flexible shifts as per the best utilization of time for our clients. We are a 24/6 company providing various styles of Floorplans, Image and Video editing for photographers, real estate, and various other brands and professions.

Our Mission 
We aim to be the best Image Editing and Photo Processing company in the outsourcing arena. We constantly nurture talent and keep our work culture aligned to the values of Planet Snaps, as an expanding organization.
Our Vision  
Planet Snaps has a vision to be recognised as one of the leading Image and Video Editing company. We want to put our best efforts towards being a one-stop solution for all the necessary operations, required for any company, from any industry where images and videos play a vital role in their revenue generation. 
Our Core Values
Honesty & Integrety

Our co-workers build trust and effective interpersonal relationships. Through honesty we operate with Ethical principles at work.

Constant Improvement

We believe in team building and team partnerships which enable our editors to remain highly skilled at all times


We follow the Tradition of Success and Happiness. Delight to customers and Job Satisfaction are the two things we maintain to keep our clients happy.


Our team has the capacity to churn-out 3000+ images on a daily basis, with a 15% growth annually.