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Real Estate Image Editing

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Real Estate

Image Editing Services

Every listing of a house, apartment or even a condo needs to be showcased in many forms. In real estate industry it is all about how soon you reach the Buyers, via listings and how well you have laid out the entire house for them to take instant decisions to contact the agent for a visit. PlanetSnaps cater the agencies and photographers who on a daily basis assist agents and owners to showcase the properties the best way possible. When it comes to Real Estate Image Editing, PlanetSnaps provides the best services in terms of quality and turnaround time. We provide excellent Image editing services and we always look at ways to delight our clients every single day. Services for real estate image editing includes HDR editing, we provide multi exposure Image editing ranging from 2 brackets to even 7 brackets. We also provide Single Image editing and Flambient Image editing as per the photographers plan. Along with them we also provide Day to Dusk, Twilight and drone Image editing as well.

In Addition to the editing process, our Image editors also take care of Sky replacements, Lawn replacement, object removals and Decluttering and cleaning. This ensures the Images are tidy and helps buyers get a feel factor that make them book a visit.
The software that we are experts in is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge and whole range of tools and plugins to make enhancements. PlanetSnaps is a one stop solution for outsourcing all the editing work for a variety of Materials used to showcase a property on a Website listing or a handy Print Media.

HDR Image Editing

HDR meaning High Definition Range is a method in real estate photography, where in it allows you get capture the details mainly in the highlights and shadows, which in most cases cannot be captured using a still or a Jpeg format of photography. Our editors are specialized to analyze and develop the exposures, and use them it I’s maximum potential in the process of merging the exposures. Then correcting them in all aspects to generate breathtaking realistic looking images of properties. The properties in the listing that we edit using HDR image editing range from Luxury living, apartments, villas condos to even farmhouse. The main steps of process includes:

• Raw Development in Lightroom
• Blending or Photoshop Masking
• Camera Raw Settings
• White and also Color balancing
• Contrast adjustments (Blacks and Whites)
• Perspective corrections
• Object removal, Sky and lawn replacements if needed

Pricing: Start from $0.8 USD per Image
HDR Before Before

Still Image Editing

Still Image editing is one of the popular method of photography, which can be used in well-lit conditions, and at the same time if professional photographers feel confident that all the details required can be captures in one single shot. At PlanetSnaps our editors edit the Still Images by setting the right tone to the image and providing optimum exposure levels to give the Images of properties the spark it needs. We use both Photoshop and lightroom in the right combinations to bring out the best from still Images from your shoot. Key steps that our editors take care are:

• Providing Color cast removal
• Maintaining Good White Balance
• Optimal exposure levels
• Not overdoing the shadows and highlights
• Ideal saturation levels

Pricing starts from: $0.5 USD per Image

Flambient Image Editing

In the recent times Flambient Photography and Image editing has trended well in the Real estate industry. Flambient meaning Flash + Ambient. A bracket consisting of flash and Ambient Images ranging from a minimum 2 to how many ever required to capture details of true colors and range of details. Our editors find it interesting to edit them in a jiffy way but also at the same time they ensure that the below steps are done with care, in order to produce well lit, vibrant and attractive looking photos of properties.

• Good Balance between bright and dark regions
• Ensuring HL (Highlights) are not blown out.
• Maintaining the right amount of Shadow / HL
• Removal of Flash Shadows, reflections and Artifacts.
• Providing good Vibrancy and clarity to the Images.

Pricing: Start from $0.5 USD per Image

Twilight Image Editing

PlanetSnaps stands out when it comes to Twilight Image Editing. We provide editing for both Indoor and outdoor shots of Twilights. We have experience of more than a decade when it comes to Twilight photography and editing for real estate listings. Photographers and client outsource their photo shoots from all over the globe such as USA, Australia, Netherlands and UK and other European nations. Every region needs a different look and feel as per there evening lighting conditions, and we always look at producing stunning Twilight Images, and bring delight job after job on a daily basis.

• Setting the right feel as per the evening conditions
• Lighting up the Bulbs and light sources including pools.
• Precise direction and spreading of lights
• Avoiding over editing
• Bringing out the Best of contrast and exposure

Pricing starts from: $1.5 USD per Image

Day to Dusk Image Editing

D2D in Real estate photography is one of the classic move to excite buyers to go for it. Imagine the pic of a deck having a Lush garden, BBQ and furniture having that dusky feel, which makes you want to hang out and spend quality time. We are experts when it comes to converting the day shots into evening or Dusk Images. Our editors replace the perfect evening sky from its never ending collection that we have. We provide the best combination of setting the right tone and balancing the colors and lighting.

• Removal of Shadows of Sun
• Evening Sky replacement
• Setting up the lights and its effects on the surfaces
• Making the property stand out to attract viewers.
• Naturally lighting up the windows

Pricing starts from: $1.5 USD per Image

Drone Image Editing

Drone Shots give the buyers a bird’s eye view of the property’s surroundings, such as the closets beach, entertainment, schools, stations and many other prime locations. PlanetSnaps provide not only editing of the Drone shots but also apply creative looking Geo Tags. Just provide us the Drone shots and the Property address, and we do the rest. Our editors do the self-research on the prime locations using Google Maps and add the tags and markers that make the drone shots informative and also attractive.

• Using different Tag Designs each time
• Researching on what trending nearby
• Estimating the distance between the location and the property.
• Replacing Skies and removal of unwanted objects.
• Corrections, removal of heavy color aberrations, perspective correction and enhancements.

Pricing: Start from $1.5 USD per Image

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