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Real Estate Video Editing

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Real Estate

Video Editing Services

More than 75% of the Media content in the online or digital space has been taken over by Video formats. The demand for outsourcing Property videos to India has led to a combination of possibilities in the Video industry. We are equipped with the skill and creativity required to render real estate video editing services that assist in engaging your target audience to take the decisive step forward. Planet Snaps has more than a decade of experience in the Video Editing Services Domain, especially in Real estate. Our editors are in sync with the values of our organisation. They are well-trained and equipped with the visualisation skills required to produce high-quality professional Real Estate Video Editing Services. Our skilled editors convert raw video footage of real estate properties into video files that capture the emotions of buyers, be it a home, Farmhouse, commercial business, or corporate video.

Among all the materials required for the showcase of a Property Listing, a real estate property video stands out as a must-have.

If you are from an agency that supplies Property videos of listings to one or more real estate agents then PlanetSnaps can help you by becoming your reliable service partner. We can mirror your process, style, and standards to help you save on resources, time, and money. Our Image & Video editors can complete 30-50 Videos in 24hrs times, and we are expanding as an organisation. We offer a range of features in the process of video editing.

Cinematic Real Estate Video Editing

We Post produce Real Estate Videos having the right visual mix combined with the music that will fill the hearts of buyers. Cinematic video editing is a huge winner when it comes to showcasing a property. From creative video shoots, jaw-dropping Drone footage, and a variety of walkthrough methods, videos give the audience the feel factor they need to take a step ahead and buy or rent the property. We provide both Residential and Commercial video editing services.

  • Providing different music and titles each time.
  • Timed Slow motion and Speed Ramps.
  • Stabilizing Videos and avoiding Shakes.
  • Outdoor Day to Dusk switches.
  • Developing Log Footage and color corrections.
  • Geotagging and positioning using Motion tracking.

Pricing: Start from $12 USD per Video

Social Media Video reels Editing

Social Media Videos are one of the best ways to get the attention of your target audience and connect with the. By using creative content and Video editing methods, one can impress and strike a chord with the customers. Be in the right place at the right time with the right videos on your audience’s mobile screens as they scroll, and PlanetSnaps helps provide the best videos with creative content and video editing. We provide SMV (Social Media Videos) in various formats for real estate listings, products, and services. Reach out to us to get the best quotes. 

  • Providing the same video in various Formats.
  • Videos for Stories, reels, and also posts.
  • Videos for all Social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 
  • Usage of the right mix of motion Graphics.
  • The latest and Legit Music tracks handpicked to suit your videos

Pricing starts from: $8 USD per Video

Product Video Editing

As the demand for video formats has increased, the majority of the viewership goes to Video. Hence, the eCommerce industry demands its products also to be featured in a video format apart from product Images. PlanetSnaps has been editing videos that explain the product’s specifications, with or without voiceovers. PlanetSnaps can also shoot your products in a 360 degrees rotation and include them with the video. Apart from eCommerce products, we edit demo videos, presentations, and corporate Videos.

  • Turntable Video Shooting and Editing.
  • Presentation Products specs, description.
  • Product Demo video creation
  • Green screen removal 
  • After Effects and Premier pro editing and graphics
  • Music, Voiceovers, and special sound effects

Pricing: Start from $12 USD per Video

Drone Video Editing

Using drones for your videos allows having the advantage of having an expansive idea about the surroundings of a city, historic places, and commercial and residential properties. PlanetSnaps has the experience of editing Drone footage pertaining to Real Estate listings, Historical places, travel & tourism, and sports and adventure. We not only edit and enhance drone Videos, but we also include them cohesively among other DSLR footage and make the quality look alike. 

  • Stabilization of Drone Clips.
  • Advanced Color Corrections.
  • Speed Ramps and transitions.
  • Trimming of the Drone footage.
  • Geo tagging and positioning using Motion tracking.

Pricing starts from: $8 USD per Video

Matterport Walkthrough Video Editing

With the high demand for the best and also low cost, Matterport cloud-based Scanners were introduced to the Market. Matterport Scans help process 2D and 360 snaps, and also provide a Walkthrough Navigation, which can be embedded. These walkthroughs can be captured and made as Videos as finished products with the Branding and Contact Details for Buyers to contact. PlanetSnaps has been providing Matterport services for almost 5 years and we have editors who can capture the Matterport Reels, perfect the branding, and a navigation floor by floor along with the Dollhouse Display.

  • Timing and positioning the Navigation throughout the house.
  • Mixing with Audio and graphics and property Images to make videos more engaging.
  • Creating Videos as per the Brand Guideline requirement.
  • Integrating Green Screen Videos of Agents. 
  • Creating outputs that suit all Platforms. We produce around 50 video outputs daily.

Pricing starts from: $8 USD per Video

Why you should outsource to India at PlanetSnaps for all your Real Estate Video editing services?

We deliver superior clear, crisp, and smooth outputs for Real Estate Videos that will keep the audience engaged and will also help in recalling the Property listed.
End-to-end and a One-Stop solution for all Real Estate Video Editing Services. Click here to outsource them now
Well-versed with the technique and Methods of Property Shoots and Drone shoots. Very familiar with the Geo Tagging on the Drone Videos.
Get all types Videos done by PlanetSnaps in any style and format you prefer, Cinematic Videos to a slide show, Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts, Matterport walkthrough Videos, and any other
Save hours and hours of editing, just shoot and send us the Footage with your special instructions and receive the final videos within 12 hours to 18 hours.
Outsource your Video Editing to us and invest your time and energy in other departments of your Business that help expansion and growth.
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