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Video Editing Services
Video Editing had become a very huge winner when it comes to showcasing a property. The demand for outsourcing Property videos to India has to lead to a combination of possibilities in the Video industry. From creative video shoots, jaw-dropping Drone footage, and a variety of walkthrough methods, videos give the audience the feel factor they need, to take a step ahead and buy or rent the property. Among all the materials required for the showcase of a Property Listing, a real estate property video stands out as a must-have.

Planet Snaps comes with more than a decade of experience in the Video Editing Services Domain, especially in Real estate. 

Our editors are in sync with the values of our organization. They are well trained and equipped with the visualization skills required to produce a high-quality professional Real Estate Video. Get the Cinematic Experience of a Lifestyle luxury property video. Our skilled editors convert raw video footage of real estate properties into video files that capture the emotions of buyers. 

If you are from an agency which supplies Property videos of listings to one or more real estate agents then PlanetSnaps can help you by becoming your reliable service partner. We can mirror your process, style, and standards to help you save on resources, time, and money. Our Image & Video editors can complete 30-50 Videos in 24hrs times, and we are expanding as an organization.

Below listed are the 5 main reasons why Planet Snaps plays a vital role in Listing Video Editing service when it comes to outsourcing to India:

  • Understanding the Client Requirement: Almost every client has unique styles and standards that make them stand apart from the rest. We understand what each of our clients requires and catch up quickly to get used to their process, style, standards, branding, and delivery expectations.

  • The latest trends: In order to constantly improvise and beat the best in the competitive market is something clients look forward to. We keep up with the trends and behaviors of customers to produce the most competitive Real Estate Videos.

  • Creativity: We set the right sequence and compose creatively using all the materials including the music, voiceovers, Branding, Images, Drone footage, Matterport cloud files, intro and outro, and others. We make sure every stakeholder is delighted by the property videos we create. 

  • Being Multi-talented: At PlanetSnaps, we ensure our editors are equally talented to use multiple software and utilize all the features and resources out there. This ensures that we do not settle for any lesser creativity or quality.

  • Pricing and Turnaround time: At PlanetSnaps, clients are happy to establish a long-term relationship. We give the best price in the market for high-quality and engaging videos. Be it quick 30sec Social Media video, or longer real estate videos, or memorable lifestyle and wedding videos. You can expect an optimal and quick delivery period. 

Outsource to India at PlanetSnaps for all your Real Estate Slideshow and Video editing service

  • Versatility: Versatile in the usage of all kind of tools used in producing videos to showcase properties, eCommerce products and all digital assets to the target audience. 

  • Approach: Each project is approached with the same intensity and passion, keeping in our minds, the values which we represent that in turn reflect in our final output of Videos we create for you.

  • One stop Solution: We Provide End-to-end and a One-Stop solution for all superior quality Videos for real estate, wedding, lifestyle, social media marketing, eCommerce video editing services.
  • Long term Relationship: We have a habit of maintaining long term business relationships through our gold standard service, delivery & quality standards, value added services and pricing.

  • Transparency: Every project assigned to us is dealt with care and responsibility. Our dedicated Operations Managers are available to answer any queries regarding the projects and details.

  • Various Industry Standards: PlanetSnaps provides services to almost every nation on the Planet. We understand the time standards, competitiveness, style, taste and perspective. We can match the deliverables as your target audience would like them.
We are having 4 years of Fresh Industry experience, and a decade of experience on customer satisfaction and servicing. PS has been constantly servicing their clients with the latest and most popular Image editing, Video editing, floor plans and Panorama tools for property and real estate showcase
Planet snaps provides the below listed services when it comes to Real Estate Video Editing and Drone Property Videos among many others.
  • Real Estate Video Editing 

  • Video Editing for Social media marketing 

  • Lifestyle Property Video Editing
  • Property Drone Video Editing 

  • Real Estate Drone Video Editing 

  • Property Video Slideshow 

  • Matterport Video Editing

  • Lifestyle Real Estate Video Editing 

  • Real Estate Video Tours

  • Real Estate Video Editing for Online marketing

  • Matterport high reel Videos 

  • Walkthrough Videos