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Floor Plan and 3D Rendering

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2D & 3D Floor Plans and 3D Rendering

PlanetSnaps also caters as an Architectural and Engineering Outsourcing Company offering high-quality 3D Render Services, 2D & 3D Floor Plan Services to real estate listing companies and Real Estate photography Agencies. We also cater our services to civil engineers, construction firms, interior Designers, and architects to help visualise their ideas and create very detailed architectural floor designs for their projects. We specialise in transforming 2D CAD plans or just sketches and developing them into 3D floor plans, and 3D Exterior, and interior units for Residential and Commercial setups. Our highly trained architects transform conceptual designs into a 3D plan which gives a realistic feel to the interior part of a building.

Our Expert 3D Editors and Visualizers provide the best-in-class 3D Virtual staging, Virtual Renovation, and Artist’s Impression, specially designed and created as per your project requirement. Our team has a combined skill set of creativity and knowledge of aesthetics applicable across different countries and a sense of architecture and style. Understanding the fact that Agents need to make their listings go live at the earliest, we provide 24 Hours delivery and 12-hour Rush deliveries for 3D Virtual staging. Do not worry about the declutching process, as it is all-inclusive as a part of the Virtual Staging service.

With a vast experience in this domain, combined with our 3D Rendering Service experience, we have emerged as one of the most successful Floor Plan and 3D architectural rendering companies delivering high-quality, cost-effective Architectural 2D & 3D plans to our clients in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

2D Floor Plans

PlanetSnaps promises on-time completion of highly accurate & most reliable 2D Floor plans. We have helped a lot of Photographers who seek Real Estate Image Editing Services with detailed instructions and steps to sketch Floor Plans of houses they photograph. We provide On-site guidance too if you are stuck while sketching the Floor Plans. Most photographers also send a Drone Image in combination with the sketches to help understand the outline of the property.

Floor Plans help buyers to give them a clear understanding of how the property has been laid out and how they can navigate through the house in one glance. PlanetSnaps can combine 2D Floor Plans with the Sitemap and deliver them to you. We also combine 2D Floor Plans with 3D tours called 360 virtual tours. This makes your 3D tours very interactive, fun, and interesting. These are one of the engaging ways that PlanetSnaps provides. PlanetSnaps provide floor plans in 2D Black and white, 2D Colour, and 2D Texture. And we also convert 2D floor plans to 3D Floor Plans

  • Decoding the measurements of an incomplete Floor plan sketch
  • Usage of all the Floor Plan making platforms, available online.
  • We also specialize in using Desktop Applications to complete 2D Floor Plans
  • Adapting clear and creative visual Indicators of all facilities and amenities.
  • Fast turn-around time with the best price in the market.

Pricing: Start from $8 USD per Video
2d-in Before

3D Floor Plans

We provide 3D Floor Plans at the best prices. Save both your time and money by outsourcing the 3D Floor Plan Services to PlanetSnaps. Providing Professional reliable services for all Floor Plan services that are accurate for more than 7 Years. Our value-for-money 3D Floor Plans can be customized to your liking and according to your specific requirements. 3D Floor Plans help the buyers decide how they can utilize the space in the property be it residential or Commercial. This helps them inch closer to visiting the property and also to buy it instantly. PlanetSnaps provide Isometric 3D Floor Plan and also a Top View 3D Floor Plan Services. We help you to create your own profile with style guides, which you can use for all your 3D Floor Plans for as long as you desire. Outsource your 3D Floor Plans requirement and transform your existing media such as Drawings or Photographs or existing CAD files formats such as DWG, AutoCAD and CATIA, and other such formats.

We also have professional 3D Editors and 3D visualizers who come from Civil engineers or architectural backgrounds. This way has succeeded in being a trusted are highly-experienced Floor 3D Floor Plan services provider, and we have delivered more than 150 custom 3D and 2D Floor Plans to about 50 plus clients.

  • Photorealistic 3D Models and finish
  • Expertise in SketchUp, 3DS Max, Vray, Maya, Revit, and more
  • 3D Floor Plan Elements have intricate details
  • Complex lighting, staging, camera, and rendering techniques

Pricing starts from: $25 USD per Video

Textured 2D and 3D Floor Plans

Applying textures to the 2D and 3D floor Plans guides the audience about the furnishing and finish a Home or a Commercial property would have. Which gives more chances for them to visit the property. We have a wide range of Floor Textures. Apart from floor Textures our editors and visualizers decide on the textures of all the furniture and facilities such as the Garage, Pool, Decks with Lounge, and several others. Textures add the extra oomph to your Floor Plans and make your 2D and 3D floor Plans look exciting to watch and navigate at the same time

  • High-Resolution Textures that stay intact 
  • Photo Realistic Textures 
  • Proficient with Photoshop to create and help map Textures
  • Crystal clear and Excellent finish with the right balance of contrast and colors

Pricing: Start from $25 USD per Video
3d floor plan services

Virtual Staging

Our 3D Virtual staging also called Virtual Furniture, can be used for Real Estate Listings, Home Design and Renovations, Commercial spaces, Office Layouts, and others. Editors at PlanetSnaps are trained to pre-visualize the final look and feel of the renders we need to provide. These renders will have high-quality depth, and the right balance of colors, furniture, Decors, and the right balance of Tones such as shadows highlights, and the perfect definitions such as Textures, and vibrancy. Overall we ensure that the renders look picture perfect and do not give the feeling that is fake.

  • An expansive catalog of Furniture, flooring, and decor
  • Always up to date with the latest trend in Interiors
  • Outputs that are region specific as per their taste
  • From Modern to classical or traditional, we provide all the styles
  • Fast turnaround time starting from min 12hr to max 24hr.

Pricing starts from: $25 USD per Video

3D Rendering

Real Estate listings do not only dell or rent built homes, they also deal with plots and farmlands. In the recent era of Drone photography, one can capture stunning Ariel images having a bird’s eye view. Using these drone Images, our 3D artists can place a realistic exterior of a house or commercial complex to their liking. We also provide renders via architectural drafts or sketches, be it for interiors, front exteriors, or the Deck, front and back yards of the house. Our 3D rendering services only help Architects and builders, but also real estate buying and selling.

  • Realistic render, by using best-in-class render plug-ins.
  • Providing the right texture reflections and effects
  • Accurate color match.
  • Includes simple-looking landscape 

Pricing starts from: $35 USD per Video

3D Artistic Impressions

PlanetSnaps also cater to Architects and builders apart from Real Estate Photography agencies and Real estate agents. We Provide Virtual Renovations and Artistic Impressions also called Ai in this domain. I give a Photo of a room or a wider capture of Living areas, we can eliminate everything from the room and replace the Interiors completely. Right from Furniture, Floorings, to Lightings and paints. A new look to your house that can be used to sell it or decorate them accordingly. If the same room or the exteriors need to be renovated by moving & removing walls or making new doors, windows, etc, we provide that too under the services of Virtual Renovation. 

  • Complete Overhaul of your Living or Office Space.
  • A simple sketch of renovation to a finished room
  • All fittings furnishing and wall paints and other decorative
  • Applications of a variety of Materials to create Artistic Impressions 

Pricing starts from: $35 USD per Video

Matterport Floor Plans

With the high demand for the best and also low cost, Matterport cloud-based Scanners were introduced to the Market. Matterport Scans help process 2D Images, walkthrough videos, and 360-degree Snaps and also provide a top view of each floor of the house to create Floor plans with accurate measurements, which can be further edited and enhanced to 2D color and 3D Floor Plans. These Floor Plans can be made as final outputs with the Branding and other specification of the property. PlanetSnaps has been providing Floor Plans from Mattterport scans for almost 5 years and we have draftswomen and draftsmen who can draft 2D Black and white floor plans Floor by floor.

  • Accurate Measurements extracted from the rough sketches made by Photographers
  • Clean Conversion from Matterport Scans to 2D Black and white Floor Plans
  • Placing additional Information and specifications of the Property
  • Quality checks by walking through the entire property reel made by Matterport
  • Fastest Turnaround for bulk orders starting from 15 hours TAT.

Pricing starts from: $5 USD per Video

Why you should outsource to India at PlanetSnaps for all your Real Estate Video editing services?


  • Outsource your Floor Plan requirement to us and invest your time and energy on other departments of your Business, leave the editing of Images to us.


  • The accuracy rate of 99%. Get a realistic look as per your specifications.


  • We come with vast experience in serving clients all over the Globe, drafting Floor Plans, and providing 3D Render that stand out.


  • Equipped with the right skills and infrastructure with resources required to deliver Virtual Staging, along with Floor Plans and Site Maps within 12 to 18 hours of TAT.


  • Competitive pricing and at the same time you get the Top quality output


  • Versatile in the usage of all kinds of tools such as 3Ds Max, Vray, Floor planner, AutoCAD, and many others. Enhance your Floor Plans and add furniture to your Images to showcase properties to the target audience.

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