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Advancement and innovation of photo editing technology made photographic filters obsolete in the present day. They are becoming antiques of an outdated era of photography. Are these filters useless today? There are still many valid reasons for using old and traditional photography filters. Many real estate businesses cannot afford every activity therefore outsourcing real estate image editing services is one of the best methods to get the desired photograph.

PlanetSnaps is not only involved in real estate image editing but also employs photographers to take the right photo shot of property for business listing online. Photographers at PlanetSnaps use many photography filters to take the best shot and then render additional effects to images with the latest technologies to make them more appealing to potential buyers.

These photography filters are special glasses or lenses that are installed in front of the camera lens. When used appropriately, can generate photographs with stunning effects without requiring rendering filter effects in a photo of the property captured. Furthermore, when real estate image editing processes are applied, more appealing and amazing images are delivered!

Here we have discussed the top filters that might be useful for cameras while taking a photo shoot of a property.

1. Skylight / UV Filter

Transparent filter that prevents dirt, dust, grime, or droplets of water from damaging the camera lens. It is smart and economical equipment that protects one of the most vital and expensive parts of a camera. It is recommended to keep the filter on, especially when a shoot is in dusty, wet, or muddy environments. It also assists in filtering out UV light and reduces haze effects.

2. Polarizer

It usually comes with a rotating mount and the effects vary as a filter is turned. The effects can be seen through the camera’s viewer or rear screen. As the filter is rotated it will be evident to see reflections in objects appear or disappear. A polarizer also helps to increase colour saturation. For example Exterior real estate images, darken blue skies, allowing better contrast between the sky, clouds, and the property itself.

3. Neutral Density Filter

This filter can also be called sunglasses which helps in reducing the amount of light entering a camera lens and reaching the sensor. It does this without affecting the colours. Unlike a polarizer, it is not required to position the filter. Furthermore, the focusing and metering systems of a camera can be used normally.

4. Graduated Neutral Density Filter

The filter comes with a dark tint at the top and clear glass at the bottom part. When the dark section of the glass is placed over a bright sky and aligns the transition between dark and clear on the horizon, it delivers a photo shot with more balanced exposures between the foreground and background.

This filter is available in different potencies in the dark portion and different transitions between the clear and dark spots. There are currently two types of transitions i.e., hard or soft.

5. Variable Neutral Density Filter

This filter assists to adjust the “strength” of the tint with the help of rotating the filter elements. Attach the filter to the camera lens before preparing for a real estate photo shot. Set to manual exposure and focus and adjust the filter to its lowest strength. Now gradually increase it to the desired effect for the required photo shot of the property.

How PlanetSnaps Assist In Selecting Photography Filters?

PlanetSnaps being a real estate marketing agency also engage in photo shoots of real estate and their expert team of photographers employ some of the traditional methods as well to get the right quality photo of property with photography filters. The selection of photography filters is done by PlanetSnaps’ expert photographer after considering many factors such as:


With the above information, it is clear how photography filters help in real estate image editing. These filters help not only real estate marketing agencies but also clients when they require photos within a short period for listing. By outsourcing real estate image editing services from PlanetSnaps, clients can feel relaxed as photographers use these filters and editors have to spend less time on render effects.

Therefore, PlanetSnap is capable of delivering the right quality of real estate photos for online promotion and business listing in a short period. It is also recommended to outsourcing real estate image editing services for better results.


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