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Combining Real estate video editing services and Instagram for marketing gives better leverage to real estate marketing managers. Many elements of social media platforms like Instagram are suitable for real estate marketing. The photo and video-based content formats make it easy for real estate dealers to present their properties for promotion on Instagram.

With the mobile-first nature efficiently integrates location data and geo-targeting. Apart from this, a huge user base with more than 1 billion monthly active users enables promoters to reach across many demographics and geographies. Instagram’s integration with parent company Facebook’s advertising platform provides sophisticated campaign targeting options.

 Now the question might arise of how can a real estate firm utilise this opportunity.

 Here we have discussed some of the impactful methods of how real estate video editing services for Instagram can be employed for real estate marketing:

1. Current Properties & Developments

 Promotion of currently available properties for sale or rent is the priority that should be in mind while using Instagram for real estate marketing. To perform this kind of promotion it is required to spend some extra time on the visual effects of the property’s image quality and background.

 It is recommended not to simply post an image day or night. It is recommended to hire a professional real estate image editing service provider to develop creative images or videos specifically for Instagram that will stand out on the platform.

 Another important point to keep in mind is that promotion should not be limited to a single image. Instagram has a wide range of compelling content formats including slideshows, Stories, ad carousels, and videos which can be used to highlight properties.

2. Future Real Estate Developments

 Companies might have certain projects which might take one to few years to begin but that does not mean they can not be featured on Instagram. Instagram for real estate businesses is a unique platform to let the audiences know about future upcoming real estate development projects. This could be done in the form of promoting 3D House model images, and 3D floor plans.

3. Promote Aspirational Real Estate

 Many people dream of having properties with good quality surroundings like a garden, and swimming pools and some aspire for the luxurious class of real estate.

 A digital marketer of real estate can get more interested clients by utilising this aspirational curiosity and grow their audiences by spotlighting such high-class properties on Instagram. Therefore, PlanetSnap ensures to render high-quality real estate video editing services to give a premium look to the real estate for videos and Instagram reels and stories.

4. Inform About Business Achievements & Success

 Informing people about your real estate business success will create an interest in individuals and firms to conduct business deals with your firm. Therefore using Instagram reels and stories to highlight your achievements is a powerful tactic.

 This tactic will highlight to your audiences creating an image of a competent real estate firm and likely to meet their real estate needs better than others. By giving Instagram users details about your achievements, you can better differentiate yourself from the competition.

5. Promotion Of Special Deals & Open Houses

 Instagram is a time-sensitive platform which means posts and feeds tend to turn old and outdated quickly and disappear within a day. This is a challenge posed to digital real estate marketers. But the social network is also a useful tool for promoting time-sensitive deals. Instagram is a great platform to inform audiences about special deals and upcoming open houses.

6. Introduction of Yourself & Team

 A real estate firm can use Instagram to highlight details about their firms, managers, and team members. This is another area that helps many real estate businesses to stand outside of the competition and acquire more customers. The more familiar members of the company or firms are to audiences, there is likely more the chance customers reach out.

 Provide information on what kind of activities a company or firm takes while working on real estate projects apart from construction such as interior design, decoration, etc.

7. Impart Beneficial Knowledge of Real Estate To Customers

 Real estate dealings can sometimes become difficult for both buyers and sellers. It is especially more difficult in the case of those not very familiar with it. It can be hard for people to figure out every essential information such as listing, process about getting a mortgage, etc.

 Here real estate digital marketers can be invaluable by rendering insights and beneficial information, you can engage eager audiences on Instagram and establish yourself as a trusted resource.

 This approach will be beneficial when it comes to providing insights and essential information in a post at a regular frequency. This will help in building interest over time and will keep Instagram users following your account through different stages of the sales funnel.

8. Present Amenities & Unique Features Of Properties With Real Estate Video/Image Editing Services

 Instagram is the perfect digital platform to highlight features that make a particular property special past the structure itself. With real estate, video editing services from PlanetSnap, a real estate firm can help present and display the amenities that are present with a property that audiences might be looking for using Instagram reels.

 To stand out from the cutthroat competition, try to present features that are unique to the property. It may be an architectural feature, a particular paint color, or a unique communal space. Therefore hiring a professional real estate video editing service is essential.

9. Highlight why the community is great

 It is also essential for the real estate marketing team to render information about the properties’ neighbourhoods. Real Estate doesn’t exist in a vacuum, there are parts of neighbourhoods and towns. And this information can often act as a key to successful real estate transactions.

 With the help of Instagram reels for real estate, it is easy to highlight the locality of the properties. Real estate marketers employ Instagram for real estate marketing to show specific features such as a school, hospitals, weekend farmer’s markets, etc.

 Different community elements appeal to different audiences. Therefore it is essential to highlight a range of features, from shopping and dining options to opportunities to engage with nature.


 Instagram along with real estate video editing services and image editing services can help in every step of the real estate sales funnel, from creating and building interest in communities and providing information about properties, to encouraging open house visits and driving purchases. The key to the success of a real estate transaction is to use the platform by engaging directly and consistently with the network’s large audience. It is required to build a strategy with a real estate video editing service provider that utilizes the sophisticated tools at their disposal and makes the most of the many compelling content formats available.

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