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Creating your own high-quality 3D floor plan for your house can be easy with innovative technology or hiring a real estate marketing agency with quick and easy methods with the help of experts.

An individual can start drawing floor plan outlines in 2D which is the first step toward developing a floor plan which will consist of details of the size, and dimensions of walls, windows, and doors, and then it will be easier for the individual to proceed to develop 3D floor plans along with furnishing the 3D Rendered home with 3D objects. Marketing agency has the technology to deliver a realistic 3D home decor rendering, along with a tour of the property as if in real life.

How to furnish your 3D Floor Plan?

In case an individual on his own uses software and technology then one must ensure the use of 3D furniture and decor in the 3D floor plan as it gives a realistic view to the potential buyers of the property. Should keep every detail in the 3D-rendered home to explain how the house can accommodate the owner.

Insert Branded Furniture

Just inserting furniture is not limited. Many real estate marketing agency experts use the latest technology which renders realistic views instead of 3D and therefore, they use branded furniture images to give a better look to the property. Therefore, developers of 3D floor plans can opt to use branded furniture in their 3D-rendered homes.

Multiple Layouts

Experimenting with multiple furniture layouts within the 3D floor plans to aid in preparing some of the most beautiful and appealing 3D floor plans can help in attracting the right audience as potential buyers. The possibilities are endless! Take into consideration the circulation within your home, when choosing your furniture placement, as well as the needs of your household.

Custom Furniture & Layouts

Certain real estate marketing agencies prefer to use specific furniture in developing clients’ 3D floor plans. With help of the software and technology, it is possible to modify colors, furniture of your desire, and wall paints.


We understood from the above discussion how we can prepare 3D floor plans. We also learn how real estate agencies use technology along with software to build amazing and appealing 3D floor plans of homes to deliver the right results for online listing and marketing.


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