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With the advent of the latest technology, many new ways are there to promote the property online. Among the most preferred ways of promoting real estate is to get a high-quality edited real estate image, 2D floor plan, or 3D floor plan. But certain people find it difficult to get 2D floor plans across the market. But it is possible to get a 3D floor plan by converting 2D to a 3D floor plan.

Converting 2D to 3D floor plan can be done by just uploading to a particular online platform and it will automatically convert and render 3D floor plans easily. But sometimes online conversion does not generate the desired results. This article highlights some of the major ways to convert a 2D floor plan into a 3D floor plan. With this information, it will be easier for people to get the right methods to learn for converting a 2D floor plan into a 3D floor plan.

What is a 2D Floor Plan?

It contains technical information, wall measures, surface areas, windows and doors, and other elements. A 2D floor plan demonstrates the dimensions and width of walls of rooms in a floor plan, the positioning of windows and doors, and the surface areas of every room.

What is a 3D Floor Plan?

It is a virtual model of a floor plan, depicted from a birds’ eye view, utilized within the real estate industry to aid home seekers and real estate businesses in better conveying architectural plans.

Benefits of Floor Plans

Visualization Of Real Estate

Among the benefits of floor plans it is the most essential point as it serves as a perfect medium for visualizing the ideas of accommodation and architecture in reality to the end user. It gives a sense of satisfaction along with a virtually real space experience in actual dimensions and with measurements.

The Guide

Floor plans are a crucial guide for on-site workers and for home seekers who will buy the space. On-site working people utilize it to construct the spaces with higher accuracy and serve as a convenient tool for home seekers to verify the area and space specifications before paying for the space. It builds a connection between reality and on-paper design.

Least Errors

The floor plan renders detailed dimensions and aid in real development accurately with exact measurements making it a perfect approved blueprint for the design. It assists in reducing on-site errors and facilitates changes that are required before the execution of the design.

It can be subject to modification multiple times as per the requirement of the client at the planning stage. Hence, reducing the on-site errors and construction process is now faster and easier.

Aid in Interior Designing

With floor plans, it is easier to plan the designs of interior spaces wisely before the beginning of construction. It helps in planning the placement of the furniture along with the landscapes around it. It is easier to calculate the available open spaces in the interiors and the used-up areas under furniture placement.

Communication Tool For Real Estate Agencies

Floor plans help real estate agents and dealers in elaborating projects according to their client’s requirements. Floor plans can give concise information about carpet area calculation, space specification, and space planning with the help of floor plans to the end users.

Technical Solutions

Floor Plans are of various types and accordingly they help everyone to plan out their requirements without any hindrance.

Location, Access, and Orientation

Floor plans of city-level aid to locate the precise structure on a map and can be accessed as guided by the city plan. The orientation of the structure can be well understood with the north sign being the most crucial part of any plan and helping to study the environmental aspects of the surroundings.

Different Between 2D & 3D Floor Plan

Here we have discussed the differences between 2D and 3D floor plans for real estate professionals.

1.    Technical Difference: 2D floor plans are the simple perspective of the property due to the display of floor plans on the x and y-axis basis. On the other hand, a 3D floor plan demonstrates a detailed view of a property based on the x, y, and z-axis.

2.    Affordability: 3D floor plans can prove to be expensive in the case of the property not having the required structure for the high-quality imaging that comes with them. While 2D floor plans are cheaper in comparison to the 3D floor plan.

3.    Quality: 3D floor plans deliver higher-quality visuals with real-time images of the property structure. 3D floor plans render 360-degree virtual tours of the property even before the property is ready.

4.    Flexibility: 3D floor plans have more flexibility in design compared to 2D floor plans. The 2D floor plan is beneficial in rendering a 3D floor plan for a better perspective.

Methods & Process For Converting 2D To 3D Floor Plan

There are nearly two methods of converting 2D to 3D floor plans for people across the international market. The first is an online method and the second is more secure in case the company is not willing to share the floor plan online or requires a custom floor plan.

Online Conversion

Converting a 2D floor plan into a 3D floor plan is very simple and easy. Many realtor platforms provide services to convert 2D floor plans into 3D floor plans. The steps are as follows:

·    Go to the realtor platform

·    Upload the 2D Floor Plan

·    Click the convert option

·    Wait for the processing to complete

·    After completion of the process, the download button will appear

·    Download the file

Custom Conversion of 2D To 3D Floor Plan

Under this method, it is a manual process where real estate dealers can even get a custom virtual tour along with a 3D floor plan. Individuals hire real estate marketing agencies for converting 2D to 3D floor plan.

·    Establish contact with the real estate marketing agency.

·    Inform about your requirements. Remember to clear queries that you have an agency inquire for the project.

·    The agency will send the total cost of the project estimate.

·    After finalizing the agency ask them to provide a platform to share the 2D floor plan of your property (certain agencies provide platforms OneDrive and WeTransfer due to hosting informative websites only).

·    Send your 2D floor plan to the agency.

·    Once the agency receives the 2D floor plan wait for nearly 12-24 hours.

·    The agency will send a prepared sample as per the submitted query.

·    If require any modification inform them.

·    After modification gets the finalize 3D floor plan from the agency.

·    Upload the 3D floor plan on the real estate website for listing the property.


This article renders in-depth knowledge about the 2D and 3D floor to help real estate businesses understand their benefits as well differences. Through this article, we have also elaborated on the two methods to convert a 2D floor plan into a 3D floor plan. These two processes are simple and easy for many real estate developers and dealers to promote their property online. 


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