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Matterport scan extensively aids in the building floor plans for real estate property. It renders 2D and 3D floor plans and helps build 360-degree floor pan visual designs using the 3D model. But many have questioned the Matterport floor plan’s accuracy. Therefore we will elaborate on all details related to Matterport and discuss Matterport floor plan accuracy with the aid of experts.

Matterport floor plans are the least expensive compared to other virtual real estate structure modeling. Many prefer the Matterport floor plan as it delivers a view in 3D and 2D floor plan in reality along with


What is Matterport?

A 3D system enables the creation of a realistic, fully immersive digital twin of any space. It consists of both hardware and software proprietary solutions to create a digital twin of any space.

Matterport generates a 3D tour from the top view of a space accessible online as a virtual 360-degree walk-through of the space. In simple terms, it acts as a fully immersive 3D media tool to attract more target customers by showcasing your property’s space.

How is Matterport Used?

Matterport is not prepared by only software but requires special equipment as well to generate a Matterport floor plan. Real estate photographers use a special camera for Matterport to capture an image of space from the top view.

Matterport technology software then scans the captured image to deliver 360-degree images with a resolution of over 100 megapixels. Apart from this it also captures 3D data with built-in lasers( LiDAR system) which generate measurements and even build a 3D model of a space.

What is a Schematic Floor Plan?

The schematic floor plan acts as a tool for residential real estate marketing. Apart from individual room measurements and illustrations of property features in the floor plans it also includes the total floor area calculation (GIA).

Benefits Matterport Floor Plan

Here we have discussed some of the most important benefits a real estate business can achieve by employing a Matterport floor plan in the real estate marketing strategy.

Boost Engagement

With high-quality 3D virtual tours, it generates around three times engagement more compared to 2D floor photos. In a highly competitive industry, adding a 3D tour will aid in boosting the engagement rate of target audiences.

Time Efficient and Maximize Leads

It is among the essential benefits of Matterport. It enables you to build a realistic tour of a home for online listing. A 3D Tour will help real estate marketers to attract more leads. Thus, saving time by avoiding wasting time explaining property structure to the audience.

Reusable Tours

The 3D tours from Matterport are usable for many years. So, real estate marketers can continue to introduce a property in its best light as potential buyers check the property. This enables them to market a property quickly and more effectively.

Tools Used in Matterport Floor Plan Measurement

Measurement Tool

A simple and easy tool is present to operate within the 3D Showcase or Workshop operating on the low-resolution mesh. It can quickly deliver the estimated size of the property’s rooms and objects. The low-resolution mesh provides a brief, responsive experience on low-bandwidth connections.

Schematic Floor Plan (SFP)

It is a more traditional 2D view prepared with aid of human direction on the high-resolution 3D mesh.

Specialized Assets

3D mesh, point clouds, and industry-specific assets aid in exploring better-nuanced measurement and 3D model quality issues. The .XYZ’s low-density point cloud is part of the Matterport. In addition, architecture and BIM applications employ the .E57 file as a high-density structured point cloud.

What Is The Accuracy of Matterport Floor Plan?

The Matterport floor plan accuracy is debated by different experts. It also depends on the different software and hardware technology employed in developing a Matterport floor plan. The Matterport floor plan accuracy can range up to 98% depending on the technology and devices used to capture the property structure.


We have discussed the Matterport floor plan accuracy along with other aspects of the Matterport floor plan from the above discussion. We can conclude that Matterport is one of the best options and is also inexpensive compared to other floor plans. We also discussed property measurements done using Matterport technology.


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