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Photo Editing Services
The memories in our mind may grow faint with the passage of time but photos are magical mirrors that tell us about the stories of our past. Wedding photo editing is an important part of the wedding photography industry. The primary responsibility of a wedding photo editor is to deliver the wedding photos in time with the topmost editing quality.

PlanetSnaps is a pioneer when it comes to wedding photo editing, we have about 12 years of experience in high-quality wedding photo editing services. For Bride & Groom, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives and this is the day that they want to remember for their lifetime, hence we at PlanetSnaps help in providing the best editing services for such moment of absolute happiness, every time a person is in need of cheering up or just refreshing warm memories.

PlanetSnaps professional photo retouching services elevate your photos, the high-end Portrait photography editing solution provides the best photo ending services.

PlanetSnaps professional photo retouching services elevate your photos and provide the best photo ending services; more than perfection, our professional photo retouching services strive to strike the most contextually aesthetic look for your portraits. We at PlanetSnaps, do our best to make colors in portrait images look beautiful and presentable, without strange transitions that can ruin the actual photo. We remove harsh shadows and will make sure the face is nicely lit by improving the skin tone, making eyes more expressive, removing minor glares in glasses, etc.

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Service Offerings 

For our Photo Editing Services, we undertake the following to enhance the image quality.

  • White balance adjustment
  • Curves and level adjustment
  • Lens correction
  • Sky replacement
  • HRD Image blending
  • 360 panorama stitching
  • color cast correction
  • Adjusting shadow highlights and more.


• Photo Stitching Services
• Real Estate Panoramas
• HDR Panorama Stitching
• 3D Virtual Tour Creation Services
• Scenic Spot Panorama
• Store Panoramas
• Fish-eye Panorama Stitching
• Inner-cylinder Panorama
• Outer-cylinder Panorama
• Inner-sphere Panorama
• Outer-sphere Panorama

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Outsource to India at Planet snaps for all your Real Estate Image and Video editing service

  • Versatile in the usage of all kind of tools used in enhancing Images and videos to showcase properties to the target audience.
  • And deliver superior quality output for Real Estate stills, Property Videos, and Panoramas (Panos).
  • We Provide End-to-end and a One-Stop solution for all Real Estate editing Services. Click here to find the list.
  • Apart from using common Editing Software tools, we also use latest and high end online and desktop tools used in the industry of Real Estate photo editing Industry.
  • And deliver superior quality output for Real Estate stills, Property Videos, and Panoramas (Panos).
  • We Provide End-to-end and a One-Stop solution for all Real Estate editing Services. Click here to find the list.
We are having 4 years of Fresh Industry experience, and a decade of experience on customer satisfaction and servicing. PS has been constantly servicing their clients with the latest and most popular Image editing, Video editing, floor plans and Panorama tools for property and real estate showcase

Real Estate Image Editing Services

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Perspective Correction

The Perspective Correction factor provides an image change that corrects for the effects of perspective.

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Color Cast Removal

Our expert editors will remove color cast from your real estate images to give them an original look.

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Object Removal

This process involves our editors who will selectively remove any objects in the photograph that can obstruct the image.

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Image Stitching

We can Create a 360° panorama picture or virtual tour from multiple exposures photographed from a 360° camera.

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Add fire to fireplaces

We will add fire to the empty fireplaces to give a rich look to the images. Both Exterior and Interior.

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Image Enhancement

This is a process involves enhancing still images captured by the bad lighting into high-quality images with expert editing techniques.

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Sky Replacement

A cloudy or a grey & dull sky can be replaced with a bright and happy sky to make the Exterior Images stand out clear and sharp. Requires expert skills.

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Drone Image Editing

Having years of experience in editing images shot on drones, we pay attention to details to achieve optimal Vibrancy levels.

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Day to Dusk

We can edit your daylight images into dusk images without giving you the hassle of shooting the images at dusk.

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HDR Image Blending

Exposed details from Multiple exposures are merged to create one single masterpiece.

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Virtual Staging

Our experienced editor will create and place a 3-dimensional, photorealistic interior design in a property.

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Virtual Renovation

In this process you can show your potential home buyers how the property will look after renovation.

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Image Manipulation

Any changes done on property by our experienced editors will be termed as image manipulation.

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Digital De-cluttering

Clear the clutter, creepy crawlies, and empty the room of a property using our digital decluttering process.

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Light Replacement

Our editing team can make sure all the faulty bulbs from the living area, ceiling, the pool area is lit up, that looks perfect.

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Lawn Replacement

Add lawns to dry or overgrown lawns that will give your property images a complete and rich look.